Friday, December 27

NAIOP Redesigns THRIVE room at Martha O'Bryan

Before, during, and after...
Project Redesign's biggest makeover for 2013 happened December 6th, partnering with NAIOP (Nashville's Commercial Real Estate Development Association) to renovate Martha O'
Bryan's THRIVE room. THRIVE is MOB's comprehensive out-of-school program for 6-14 year olds, currently serving 110 students. This very large room serves a multitude of functions and had not been updated for many, many years.

NAOIP painted the entire room including the ceiling, removed an section that no longer served any purpose, re floored, re carpeted, hung new window treatments, and added new bookcases. Many thanks to Caroline Mullen, who spearheaded the entire project, and Allen Arender, Kaitlyn Jones, and Courtney Ross, all instrumental in getting this together. We would also like to thank:

Lauren Comet/ Gresham, Smith and Partners
Brandon Dial/ Shaw
Jason Frazee/ Music City Floors
Marshall Clausen and Chad Kern/ N2 Interiors
Devineder Sandhu/ Sandhu International
J&J Interiors

and all the many volunteers who came that busy Friday to help. The folks at THRIVE are thrilled and the children are so excited to have a bright new space to enjoy!

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