Saturday, April 6

Project Redesign and Vandy's Gillette House Volunteers

"Since I've been at Vandy, I have been working as one of the freshman class' service project coordinators. I worked with Project Redesign during my junior year at Ensworth and haven't stopped thinking about it ever since. I would love to give my new classmates the same opportunity." This is part of the email Project Redesign received from Miller Morris, a Vanderbilt student living in the Gillette House Residential College Dormitory on campus. Her group of dorm mates started the "Gillette Day of Service" and Project Redesign was happy to have their help. Today's redesign was for a mother of two (daughters) in Cayce who recently had to move because of a fire. Much of what they owned was damaged, and although they had received some things from a local church, this family really needed a makeover. Our hard-working group from Vandy included Karlia Brown, Bianca Mgbemere, Rupa Patel, Lizzy Ross, Brooks Cain, and Nate Banks. Thank you all for giving up your Saturday---you were awesome!!

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