Tuesday, March 12

Project Redesign and Friends Makeover 3 Bedroom Apartment

Project Redesign recently received this letter: "I think you are an answer to prayer regarding this family. Since I met them in December, I have been concerned for these 5 children and their father, N. They moved here 18 mos ago from Iraq. Their mother died from heart failure just a few weeks before they came to the U.S. N worked in security for the U.S. during the Iran/Iraq war, so he was able to apply for residency in the U.S. His oldest son (18 yrs old) cannot communicate and is a parapalegic in a wheelchair and hospital bed. He wears diapers and is hand fed. Apparently he had seizures as an infant and because of the war, they could not get medical help for him. S is 16 and Sh is 14. I get the feeling it is a struggle both academically and socially. The two younger children, E (8) and M (6) are adorable, bright kids. N recently found work in Security working nights Wed-Sun. The oldest brother cannot be left alone, so N works when the kids are home. They have a 3-bedroom apt which has barely any furniture. They sleep on mattresses on the floor except the oldest has a hospital bed which is in the living room." Elizabeth Coble and a group of her friends joined Project Redesign today to makeover this family's entire apartment, painting and furnishing every room. Thanks to Elizabeth, Kristie Pennington (who donated the sofa), Keith McCord, Karen Rich, Melissa Shirey, Haley Stegner, Sherry West, Mary Ellen Lovell, and Cecil Coleman for their help!

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