Monday, February 6

Project Redesign, Ensworth High School, and Mending Hearts

Friday, February 3rd, Ensworth High School students helped Project Redesign furnish a 3 bedroom apartment for Mending Hearts, a drug rehabilitation program for women who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless due to addiction. Led by Kyara Byner, Maya White, ReJean Rouse, and Nikki Gittens (all seniors), the students worked all day to furnish and decorate what will be used as temporary living quarters for women who have completed the rehabilitation part of the program. To learn more about Mending Hearts, visit


karen moore said...
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andieclark said...

This is a nice program for high school students. It's great to know that the facilities and rooms provided are fine just like the ones in the alcohol rehab in New York.

Saturday, October 24th: Click on image for details.