Thursday, January 5

Ms. Cheap Contest

Last November, Ms. Cheap asked readers to tell her what they would do if someone gave them $500.00. She received over 800 compelling essays and passed the following one to Project Redesign...

Dear Ms. Cheap,
I’d like to win the $500 to redo my 16 yr. old son’s room. I know that
doesn’t sound like much, but Kendall shared a room with his brother
Blake for 7 yrs until Blake’s passing in 2009. Blake was on a
ventilator at home and he needed around the clock care, so someone was
in the room all the time.

Honestly, Kendall never complained about the lack of privacy. Sometimes
in the middle of the night there’d be alarms going off, and we’d be
working on Blake and Kendall would just roll over to make sure
everything was O.K. before going back to sleep.

Since Blake has been gone, Kendall has been having a hard time
sleeping, and I wonder if it’s because of the remnants of Blake’s stuff
everywhere. Snoopy and Pooh are not really appropriate for a boy of
16. I’ve given a lot of stuff away, and packed away other stuff, but
some of it is still there because I don’t want to see the room half

I’d like to give Kendall a big boy’s room with a nice desk for
schoolwork, a small flatscreen TV, a bookcase, and a cool chair or
something for when he has friends over.

We have had to go on without Blake, but I want to encourage and
strengthen my remaining son by blessing him with a new room. It’s long

Thanks for your consideration,


Project Redesign and some very generous donors are doing a complete makeover on Kendall's bedroom. Thanks to Vester Bradshaw and Yank for taking time out of their busy schedules to paint the room. This involved removing a wallpaper border and covering a very dark color, out of our realm of expertise. Tomorrow we will furnish and accessorize so stay tuned!!

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