Friday, December 9

Four Bedroom Makeover by Ensworth Seniors

Four Ensworth seniors chose Project Redesign as their senior project. Nikki Gittens, Kyara Byner, ReJean Rouse, and Maya White did 4 bedroom makeovers today for a single mother and her five children in the Cayce homes. New to Nashville, this large family had almost no furniture and the Ensworth gals interviewed the family, designed the rooms, collected and painted furniture, shopped for bedding and accessories, washed and ironed, cleaned the rooms and then decorated them. All four deserve an A++!! Thanks also to Ensworth gentlemen Ford Garrard, Daniel Everett, and Mitchell Moore for providing all the muscle, moving a truck-load of furniture and doing all of the heavy lifting. It was a real team effort!

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Xander Lawson said...

I'm loving that third picture. The generous amounts of purple add that nice classy and sexy feel to the room.

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