Sunday, February 28

Mothers & Daughters Serving Circle Redesigns Three Rooms

Project Redesign thanks the Mothers & Daughters Serving Circle for their amazing work this Sunday afternoon. These mother/daughter teams did all of the design work & shopping; then cleaned, painted, and redecorated a boy's and two girls' rooms for one very grateful family. For more information on this very worthy organization, visit

Many thanks to:

Cheryl & Margo Macey, Barby & Molly White, Nan, Lizzy, & Annie Cox, Laura & Sarah Hill, Cathy & Laura Catherine Wallace, Melinda & Rachel Perry, Carlyle Scarola, Kelly & Emily Grace Brandes, Lisa, Melissa, & Leigh Ann Matthews, Courtney, Caroline, & Allison Conner, Lisa Maki, Beth & Kendall Downey, and Danny the mover!

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Saturday, October 24th: Click on image for details.