Thursday, November 20

Three New Apartments Furnished for Magdalene House Graduates

Thanks to New Level Community Development Corporation, three recent graduates of Magdalene House will make these three brand new apartments their home.  Project Redesign furnished each apartment this morning, the new residents to arrive this afternoon after work.  Welcome home!

Thursday, October 23

2014 HCA's Caring for the Community at Mending Hearts

Twelve wonderful HCA volunteers joined Project Redesign today to makeover two apartments for the mother-child housing at Mending Hearts.  After all of the painting, heavy lifting, and decorating, two grateful mothers and their children have a new place to heal.  Thank you, HCA!

Thursday, October 2

Project Redesign works with Sophia's Heart Foundation

Sophia's Heart ( helps families in crisis stay together, providing temporary housing and self development programing to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Project Redesign has partnered with this wonderful organization to help furnish homes for those families who have graduated and are ready to live on their own again. Our first family is a mother and young daughter, the mother now working and hoping to attend nursing school---she really inspired us!

Wednesday, September 24

7th Year, First Redesign

Our new year begins with a new alliance, Men of Valor ( We furnished a three bedroom apartment for a very nice family, a mother and her three children, who just moved after 6 years in public housing. We are excited to be part of their new beginning!

Project Redesign's 6th Year in Review


41 individual room redesigns

After School Youth Room for the Thrive program at Martha O'Bryan
Two communal living rooms for Matthew 25

To go along with In-Kind donations, P.R. purchased 35 mattress sets, 111 pillows, 47 mattress pads, 25 sheet sets, 10 comforters/bed skirts, 52 curtain panels, 14 rugs, 26 lamps, 26 air conditioners, rent for 3 storage units, movers, and much, much more.

We thank everyone who has supported Project Redesign!

Tuesday, June 17

Before and After

Thank you Joe, John, and Richard!!!

These three deserve a real pat on the back, moving 4 rooms of furniture in 90 degree weather and assembling the bunk beds from hell!  None of this would have been possible today without you guys!

Last Redesign for the Summer of 2014

Today, with much help from our movers John and Joe, and our student helper, the wonderful Richard Rolfe, Project Redesign furnished a living room and three bedrooms for a hard working mother of 5 children (one girl, four boys).  Not all went as expected...we did not have the dowels to stack the bunk beds in one of the boy' rooms so yes, the beds are side by side and blocking doorways until we can locate the missing pieces!

Tuesday, June 10

Before and After

With your cash donations, we are able to purchase new mattresses and essential bedding (mattress pads, pillows, sheets, etc), lamps, rugs, curtains, window unit air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, chest of drawers, and other necessities.  We use In Kind donations of furniture and household goods but never have everything we need to complete a redesign.  We thank you for ALL donations!

Summer Redesign for new Cayce Family

A big thank you to Kay Kimbro, Jane Claire Kimbro, and Richard Rolfe for helping with this big redesign today.  And we beat the rain!  A mother and her 3 children, a boy age 4 and two girls 11 and 13---they are new to the Cayce Homes and it was our pleasure to make their new house a welcoming home.

Saturday, October 24th: Click on image for details.